I have searched for the words all night and all morning and continue to feel like none will quite properly communicate how grateful I am to the citizens of Loudon County. Being elected to serve as your next Sheriff is truly the greatest honor of my professional journey, and quite frankly, my life. While I realize not everyone voted for me, I am committed to being everyone’s Sheriff; I will do my very best to steer the LCSO in a direction that serves equal and fair justice for everyone, resident or visitor, victim or offender, friend or foe. And everyone who wears this badge will be asked to carry out their missions with that same philosophy. Character and integrity will be our foundation. Service, excellence, growth and innovation will be some of our greatest focuses.

I want to offer my greatest respect for my opponents in the campaigns that they ran. As I have learned, it is not easy. It’s quite exhausting and it’s a very large commitment. And some of those who experience it the most are our families. So to them, thank you.

To the friends, colleagues, supporters, volunteers, and core campaign team members who did everything from write material, shoot videos, take photos, design signs, deliver signs, attend dozens and dozens of events and work polls, I truly can’t even express my love and appreciation for you. You made this happen. It wasn’t me. It was all of us. I am forever indebted to you and will hold your friendships close.

To my family, I owe it all – and a good vacation after all of this. And to my beautiful wife, Callie – you are quite simply my rock and my greatest fan. You endured so much pain and many great challenges throughout this journey. And just like you’ve always stood by me, I will honor my commitment that I made in marriage, before God, and stand by you, proudly and forever. Thank you for pushing me and loving me. I love you.

To Sheriff Tim Guider; this journey and this path is owed so much to you. For trusting in me, mentoring me, coaching me, steering me, and believing in me, all of this has brought me to this point. While I will be the Sheriff in a few short months with my own goals and focuses, the foundation in which you brought me up on, the “Guider Way”, will continue. Serving the people and treating everyone with respect will be a piece of your legacy that is honored in my tenure here. I am so thankful for your leadership and your friendship.

And finally, but certainly not last, to the men and women of the LCSO. The pledge I make to you is one of unity and progression. Today is a new day. Yesterday is past us. I need each of you to be on board. For those that are willing to help make this agency the best it has ever been, we can only do it together, undivided and with an “all-in” attitude. If you want to be here and be apart of what we will build, then we get to work immediately. As it has always been, my door is open as is my mind. I hope you’ll choose to join me in this new adventure.

Our community is strong and growing and vibrant. And this community deserves to have a Sheriff’s Office that reflects those same things. Together, we will go to even greater heights than ever. Thank you for giving me your trust to be apart of that journey.

God Bless,

Jimmy D.

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