The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office launched an adult education program for inmates in the Loudon County Detention Facility.

The program is offered to local jails and is funded through the Tennessee Department of Labor. Inmates receive tablets inside the jail and have access to numerous educational and skills-based programming that they can work on at their own pace and continue once out of jail.

The programs include:


-High School Diploma

-Drug/Alcohol Programs

-Workforce Development Programs

-Wellness Programs

-Personal Development Programs

“Incarcerated individuals face numerous barriers to education and limits to their opportunities for personal growth and future career development” said Sheriff Jimmy Davis. “I am happy to finally have this program up and running within our Detention Facility. This program can help turn an inmates time in jail to something more meaningful. It is important for us to help facilitate someone’s ability to better themselves and build towards their goals before they get out of jail. I said before I was elected that I wanted to increase education programs for our inmates and I’m thankful we have this opportunity and remain hopeful that this will make a difference in some of their lives once they are released.”

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